I am AshleyJeanne.

Compulsory introductory post: I like words. I like reading, I like writing, I like scratching words into the sand during long walks on the beach. Why not put my love of words into the abyss and find my ilk?

Ilk, I am here. Apparently, I’ve been here for awhile. While attempting to register for a blog, I received the angry judgmental declaration that my chosen name “AshleyJeanne” was unavailable. I got pissed. AshleyJeanne as a user name is my birthright, as someone born before the World Wide Web.

And then, I thought, maybe that AshleyJeanne is me. When I was going through my post-adolescence phase (in which I believed that all adults actually stop being teenagers in more than just age… ahem. Spoiler: We don’t.), I searched desperately for a LiveJournal replacement. Somehow, the public diary of my middle and high school years didn’t live up to the potential sophistication of my college self. One night, freshman year, I got drunk on self-importance and claimed as many AshleyJeanne handles as I could.

Fast forward 7 years and adult(ish) me found that a request for a password reset to the handle AshleyJeanne landed an email confirmation into my own email account. Good job, past Ashley. Also, jeebus. My email account could be in second grade by now.

Thus, I’m AshleyJeanne. Always and forever. Until something new comes along. Then I will be AshleyJeanne57 or whatever. Meh.

Here’s what brought me to the discovery in the first place, for the second time: I’m reading and writing more than I ever have and I want to connect with other word lovers. Not in a key party way. Gross.

Anyways. Hi. I love words. I hear you love words, too. Let’s be friends.


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